January 07, 2014

A couple of months ago I made a joke about moving to Asheville, NC.  Turns out most people thought I was serious.  In fact I was just asked this past Sunday when I was moving.  Truth is I’d love to live in this town and I do dumb things all the time which may be why folks thought it was so believable.  Very glad to have the opportunity to shoot at WWC.  It is one of last remaining working campuses which means every student has an on campus job.  It helps pay tuition and they learn different trades and skills.  Everywhere you turned there was something cool to shoot.  Enjoy Warren Wilson.

IMG_7183 IMG_3588 IMG_4625 Collage 7 IMG_7709 IMG_4602 IMG_4589 IMG_5506 IMG_4028 IMG_5408 Collage 8 IMG_6335 IMG_5749 IMG_5129 Collae 6 IMG_4694 IMG_5316 Collage 9 IMG_5973 IMG_5081 Collage 11 IMG_4998 IMG_4828 Collage1 IMG_5351 IMG_4667 IMG_4386 Collage2 IMG_4537 IMG_4579 IMG_6815 IMG_4653 Collage 4 IMG_7348 IMG_6211 IMG_4714 IMG_4886 IMG_7565 IMG_5011 IMG_5218 IMG_5381 IMG_5244 IMG_5443 Collage 10 IMG_6081 IMG_6141 Collage 5 IMG_6225 IMG_6463 IMG_6752 Collage 3 IMG_6790 IMG_6796 IMG_7780 IMG_7406 IMG_6894 IMG_7074 IMG_7235 IMG_7422 IMG_7771 IMG_7613 IMG_7268